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_Name, first & middle: Danielle Kathleen

_Age: 17

_Location: Boston, MA

_5 fave bands: HORSE the band, amanda woodward, black eyes, i hate you when youre pregnant, the mae shi

_Lyrics to describe you: "I'll make you laugh by acting like the guy who sings. You make me smile by really getting into the swing. I'd rather dance than talk with you" -kings of convenience, id rather dance than talk with you

_Last show attended: sex positions at the icc in allston ma (lame crowd on a wednesday night)

_What makes you scene: my myspace account... KIDDING

_What other communites are you a member of: indie_fashion

_Short Bio: I live in boston I love movies I love music I love intellectuality

_Why should we add you: i am by no means humble ?

_Post at least 2 pics

wooop woooo
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