one_to_the_head (one_to_the_head) wrote in tre_scene,

_Name, first & middle- Cody Charles
_Age- 19
_Location- South Fl
_5 fave bands- Until the end, Kids Like us, Sick of it all, 7 seconds, Gorilla Biscuts.
_Lyrics to describe you- "I put my faith in you and you let me down" (UTE)
_Last show attended- Until The end, All hell breaks loose, Kids like us, Get the ammo.
_What makes you scene- Im not scene i dont even know what makes you scene.
_What other communites are you a member of- _legit
_Short Bio-I was born and south fl and have lived here my whole life and i work 6 days a week and when i have time i hang out with my girlfriend and go see my friends bands and chill at shows.
_Why should we add you- B/c i Own you!

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